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I focus on detail.  Others may prefer to focus on the whole of a boat, car, land or urban scape, or a mechanical thing.  But I try to find the essence of my subjects, where art meets function or purpose. That conjunction becomes my focal point while everything else simply sets the stage. 


I believe that my attention to details is best expressed by images with sharp focus, high contrast, saturated colors and creative composition.  Images printed with those characteristics will make a stunning addition to your your living or working environment.  Displayed and lighted properly, these images will literally demand your attention and "pop" off your display walls.


My work is organized into subject albums.  The cover art for each album is shown below.  Just click the cover art for a look at the images in that particular album, or you can navigate with the menu at the left.  The images will open in a larger format for your on-screen consideration.


Most images are available for purchase either as a small file that you can print yourself at sizes of 8 in by 12 in or less at 300 dpi, or as a larger museum-quality art image printed professionally on a medium I have carefully selected to best illuminate the essence of that image.  If you need a larger image than the ones offered, contact me.  The image files are large enough to accommodate very large prints.


I hope you enjoy my work!  

Coronado Porthole.jpg


Sometimes we can get lost in the sheer beauty of boats.  But God is in the details ....

Cuba Door Handle.jpg


Even ordinary cars have beautiful details; you just have to look more closely.  An engineer may have poured his heart into the design of even the most insignificant part ....


Urban Art

Sometimes reviled as graffiti, urban art may actually be one of the most expressive and unselfish of all art forms ....

Sacramento Bridge.jpg

Mechanical Design

Focus on the details, that's where to find beauty ....

DSCN3317 - Version 2 copy.jpg


These designs make me proud to be a human being ....

DSCN2691 - Version 2 copy.jpg

Exotic Places

Incredible beauty, sometimes in the least expected places ....

DSC_7566 - Version 3 copy.jpg

Whimsy & Irony

Sometimes you just have to smile ....

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