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What about Bob?

Bob L Boldt

Writer, Photographer

Austin, Texas and Tahoe Pines, California


Like most engineering graduates of my time, I spent my first few years out of engineering school designing minute parts of complex aircraft and computer systems.  I referred to what I was doing as looking through a keyhole at the systems we designed.  Perhaps that is where I gained appreciation for the beauty in details and the satisfaction that can come from creating not only a functional cog in the system, but a beautiful one as well.  

After I "escaped" engineering design work for the finance world, I was still attracted to understanding how the logic of economic systems can be beautiful, but maddening as well, since economic laws are nowhere near as predictable as the laws of physics.

Now, after a successful career at the highest levels of finance and investments in the world, I am again in the pursuit of beautiful details.

I am what I would term an intuitive photographer despite my fascination and love for great engineering in all things, including cameras.  I try very hard not to get caught-up in technique, but instead find the essence of my subject and capture it to share with others.  

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