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If you want to capture the attention of your correspondents, these beautiful note cards are the answer!

Beautiful Set of Correspondence Cards with Striking Street Art Images

SKU: 1004
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  • This set of high quality folded 5 inch by 7 inch correspondence cards display selected street art images from around the world.  Each of the 10 cards in the set features a different image, from a different location, and no images are duplicated throughout the 5 different sets we offer.  The images are beautifully printed using archival inks on glossy, ultra-premium card stock.  The interiors of the cards are blank, waiting for your message, and feature a matt finish for your writing pleasure.


    Because of the ephemeral nature of street art, none of the art works featured on these cards still exist today.  They have been lost forever to over-painting or the wrecking ball.  The only way to appropriately define the images is with a name (assigned by the photographer), the "tag" of the artist (if available), the date of the image capture, and the precise location (city, country, and GPS coordinates) of the original artwork.  All of this imformation is shown on the reverse side of each card.  See product image number 2.


    The cards are accompanied by high quality, eye-catching, correctly sized red foil lined envelopes to demand your correspondent's attention.  The set will be delivered to you in a presentation box.  See product image number 3.


    If you order all 5 sets offered, you will have 50 unique street art images to share with your correspondents.

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